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About Us

Who We Are

Research. It’s the focal point of what we do, so that the heavy lifting is already done for you.

Research. It’s the lifeblood of protecting your assets.

Research. It’s what we do to help save you time, and hopefully, make you money.

Super Stock Screener provides a venue to give you, our readers, investment tools that will help make money in bull and bear markets.

Our team is comprised of Investment Analysts with expertise in model building, and Engineers with years of experience in building statistical models.

How We Do It

Super Stock Screener provides model portfolios and investment recommendations on over 6,000 stocks. We analyze quantitative stock selection programs based on risk and return preferences, and we then provide recommendations to you. We do this by using the Super Stock Screener Rating System.

Our Rating System uses a factor-based model to grade stocks. The factors are primarily financial variables and ratios, which help separate potentially winning and losing stocks. The objective is to pick stocks that will outperform over the next 3-12 months.

The Super Stock Screener Rating System analyzes and ranks stocks monthly, combining fundamental and technical analysis to give you a complete picture of numerous stocks, and a clear Buy, Sell or Hold recommendation. Simply stated, we help you stay on the right side of the market.

Our stock portfolios are baskets of mechanically generated high-quality stocks designed to outperform their respective benchmarks with low volatility. Our portfolios are rebalanced monthly and performance is updated daily. All historical trades are available back to inception in 2006.

Finally, we strive hard to deliver to you the best stock screener online. It’s the only screener that includes our market beating Stock Ratings as part of the screening criteria.

Why We Do It

Our ultimate mission is to create an investor community that shares investment ideas.

We hope you enjoy this site, and all of the relevant information we provide for you. It’s no secret that many online investors lose money. With our research, process, and analysis, we try to help you get on the winning side of the stock market.