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Since 2006 Super Stock Screener has developed a strong reputation as one of the premier stock screeners and stock ratings service providers in the investment industry. Both our stock screener and stock ratings services, which cover over 6000 publicly traded stocks, have helped thousands of investors make prudent investment decisions to help them earn large profits and protect their portfolios. Ultimately, our service provides investment tools that will help make money in bull and bear markets.

All subscribers also receive access to our complimentary Model Stock Portfolios which have a very strong track record. These portfolios are ideal for subscribers who want to spend as little time as possible finding stocks for their portfolio. Currently, our top performing model portfolio is our small cap portfolio which has earned -7.94% in the last 12 months and 698.84% percent since inception in 2006.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment recommendations are based on a combination of fundamental, technical and quantitative factors which each have a strong track record in predicting whether individual stocks will outperform or underperform their benchmarks (i.e. sector indexes and the broad market).

Our Stock Ratings System lets you quickly evaluate your portfolio and find future winners.

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